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Game overview

Smugglers 3 cover picture
Smugglers 3
Play a greedy trader, an ambitious bounty hunter or a ruthless pirate and attack whole planets in this sci-fi trading game.

You can be promoted, receive medals and campaign ribbons and upgrade your ship from a great set of different equipment parts. It will be necessary to engage in space and crew combat against the four different factions in the game and even to conquer whole planets.

Detailed description:

In the third part of the award winning Smugglers series you can play a greedy trader, an ambitious bounty hunter, a ruthless pirate, a mix of those or one of many other professions. Backed up by a crew of different kinds of crewmen (like droids or mercenaries) you can visit more than 75 planets in 25 systems in your attempt to gain favors with one of the four factions in the known galaxy. You can be promoted, receive medals and campaign ribbons, and upgrade one of the 19 available ships from a great set of different equipment parts. It will be necessary to engage in space and crew combat against the four different factions in the game and even to conquer whole planets.

Do not miss to check out the optional game expansion (which is not included in the Smugglers 3 basic fullversion).



New in the third part:

  • New interface

  • 25 star systems with over 75 planets. Visit your favorite planets or discover some new systems. New and beautiful planet art.

  • Four different factions all with completetly different uniforms and medals (depending on your success you can pin rank signs, ribbons and medals on your proud chest).

  • Improved trade systems (War, supply and demand influence the prices).

  • Non-linear war and campaign system. You can influence the war - actually it is up to you to win it by capturing whole sectors. But until you have that powerful ships its an exciting way.

  • Special locations spawning on the map (like hidden treasures, spy ships, VIP traders, alien artefacts...).

  • Improved planet attack system: Fight against waves of enemy ships and afterwards decide to plunder the planet or conquer it for your country!

  • No waiting! In many space trading games it takes you ages to go from X to Y. In Smugglers different star systems are just a mouse-click away!
  • All new combat system.

  • New music track, background music/sounds in the game, Sounds FX.

  • Much, much more...

Quotes from happy customers:

We are in business to make people happy and make them enjoy their free time as much as possible. Smugglers 3 is a game that has achieved this many, many times. Here just some quotes of customers who liked the game so much they took the trouble and emailed us about it or posted about it in our forum.

"This is an amazing game! It has that very important "one more turn then I'll stop" quality one rarely finds these days. I am very pleased I found your site and tried the demo. Excellent, excellent, excellent! I will be playing this game for a long time"
Terl, New York
"Smugglers is one of the best (perhaps best) games I played."                              
Nikola, Serbia
"This is my first time logging in to a chat forum. I just wanted to say how much fun and adventure this game has brought."
Ikejg, USA
"I work hard for my money (and dont have much) so I am very picky as to which games I buy. I want to thank you for this game. I know I got my moneys worth based on merely the demo.
I am sure I will get the expansion when I can afford it , and I will be telling everyone I know about this game. It is obvious to me that this was a labor of love, a game created not for money but because the creator actually wanted to play it ... Keep up the good work."
tjnmichigan, USA

"I just got the demo and i'm already like really addicted to this game. I think i'm gonna buy it."
eggzeck, USA


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